my best friend just realized 30 minutes before her curfew that she’s an hour away from home in the most dangerous part of the city alone with the buses no longer running so she calls the police to take her home i cant stop laughing

update the cop that came to pick her up is a hot 20 year old guy thats flirting with her and now im not laughing anymore


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a dude at the gym just reached in his bag, pulled out a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate syrup, smiled & shook his head like that’s just something that happens to people, put it back and then pulled out a bottle of water instead

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"I am in the mood to dissolve in the sky."

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"Now, on this ride there’s gonna be some real muthafuckas & there’s gonna be some pussies. Now the real niggas gonna be the ones with money & bitches. The pussies are gonna be the niggas on the floor bleedin’. Now everybody keep your eyes on the prize cause the ride get tricky. See you got some niggas on your side that say they’re your friends, but in real life they your enemies & then you got some muthafuckas that say they your enemies, but in real life they eyes is on your money. See the enemies will say they true, but in real life those niggas will be the snitches. Its a dirty game y’all. Y’all gotta be careful about who you fuck with & who you don’t fuck with. Cause the shit get wild y’all. Keep your mind on your riches, baby. Keep your mind on your riches."

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